Why You Should Choose Real flowers For Your Floral Decorations

Why You Should Choose Real flowers For Your Floral Decorations

  13 Jul 2018

For most, the wedding day is probably the biggest day in anyone’s life and it is a day that most young ladies and gentlemen think about since they were very young. The big day is romanticised in so many movies and everyone wants to make their big day better and more beautiful than the one before. It is a day that requires a massive amount of planning and it starts the moment someone accepts a request for marriage. There are indeed thousands of decisions to be made requiring weddings and all of them need your attention. If one little thing goes wrong, then other things follow on soon after. You will have to make compromises to suit your budget and your partners taste, but there is something that you can’t scrimp on and that is the wedding flowers.

When you choose to get your wedding floral decorations in Brisbane, you need to make sure that you choose wisely and that you choose real flowers. Many people will say that you can’t tell the difference between artificial ones and the real ones, but you can and the difference is clear. Here are some reasons why you need to not choose artificial flowers and always go for the real thing.

  1. They Are Definitely Different and Not Different – Admittedly, artificial flowers have come on a lot in recent years and they are now using softer and softer materials to construct them, there is no substitute for the feel of real petals in your hand. Real flowers are softer and a lot more realistic that their fake counterparts and if you really want your big day to stand out and to provide your guests with that wow factor, then real flowers are the way to do that. Artificial flowers are in a set design, but with real flowers, you get to choose the colours, the textures and the smell. Walking into a church or other wedding location and getting hit with that beautiful aroma from the flowers is a wonderful feeling and one that every bride should experience.

  1. You Only Get Married Once – Now, some will say that this might not necessarily be true and they are right but all of us hope that the marriage that we commit to will be our first and our last one. For that reason, you need to make this one count and deciding to choose artificial flowers over real ones is not the way to go when you are never going to get to celebrate this big day again. Flowers can mean the difference between a normal wedding and one that just blows people’s minds. There are some really talented florists out there in Brisbane and they can bring something very unique to your big day. Also, don’t forget that real flowers are tradition and who wants to break with tradition.

It’s likely to be the biggest and happiest day of your life, so don’t hold back on what you really want and get yourself some beautiful floral decorations using real flowers with the real smell of fresh flowers.